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This year's competition is over, thank you for your time


What is BunnyBots?

BunnyBots is a local robotics competition held annually at Catlin Gabel High School in Portland, OR. The build season lasts 12 weeks, with the type of competition varying each year. As this event usually takes place before FRC, it is a great way to practice for it. If you wish to know more, click here for their website.

Competition Overview

This year, the competition is Round-a-BOUT. After a brief 10 second autonomous period, robots can earn points by crossing lines along a figure 8 pattern, and deduct points from the enemy alliance by shooting blue N-Strike Elite Nerf darts at the opposing team's robots. Signifigant points can be earned for placing bunnies into their "burrows" by the end of the 2:20 teleop period. Building an agile, robust robot will be key to this year's faster competition, as high-speed ramming of other robots is allowed. Build season has already started, and our robot is a work in progress. We'll have information up on our robot as soon as it is available. For more information and rules on specific guidelines, please reference the official rules.

Don't have the time nor the patience to read the rules? Enjoy some slides we've put together!

How Scoring Works

If the buttons are too tiny to press on your device remember you can always just click on the slide itself!

Field Overview

Important Dates

Friday, December 18th, 5:30PM to 9:30PM: Pit Free for Set Up and Robot Unloading

Saturday, December 19th, 8:00AM to 9:30AM: Additional Pit Set Up and Robot Unloading Period

Saturday, December 19th, 8:30AM to 9:30AM: Field Open for Teams to Practice, and Competition Begins

BunnyBots is less official than FRC, so the time when competitions end is unclear and is based on how long the pools themselves last.