Performance in recent events

2022 Competition Season Results

10-2021 “Storm Surge”

We ranked 1st in qualification matches, making us the 1st seed alliance captain. We went on to pick a powerful alliance and won the event with an undefeated playoffs. Our robot worked throughout the whole event, and our drive team performed great in every match.

10-2021 “Robot Rodeo”

We ranked 4th in qualification matches, and were captains of the 4th alliance. We finished the event as a semifinalist in eliminations. We struggled with our climb mechanism throughout the event, but by the end we finally got it working and were able to climb several times. Our new drivers performed well and showed lots of potential.

10-2021 “CADathon”

Our team captain and design lead, Charlie Becker, competed in team 1678’s CADathon event from September 24th to October 3rd. Their robot design won 2nd place, and was the highest ranked solo entry.

03-2020 - Infinite Recharge

Clackamas Academy District Event We ranked 2nd in qualification matches and were captains of a semifinalist alliance. We ranked 2nd in qualification matches and were a semifinalist in elimination matches.

Our next event at the Oregon State Fairgrounds was cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak